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20 Apr

Sherbourne, what a lovely surprise!

Chef Keven Lee exceeded my expectations! When he came over to our table and offered to prepare anything I could dream of, I thought he was kidding and although the menu items looked fantastic, I decided to take his word and have him cook something special for me.

I was blown away. All I had to do was tell him my food restrictions and he prepared the most amazing fish dish I have ever had in my whole life! Dairy, meat, poultry and processed ingeredients free! The flavors were amazing!

My friends had a taste of the potato cart and were delighted with it and with all of their dishes as well.

The place is fantastic, discreet, elegant and cool.

It is a MUST!

Can’t wait to go back this weekend!

327 N Sherbourne Dr
West Hollywood


Real Food Daily

9 Feb


This restaurant is like a healing food center!

It’s fantastic, 90 percent of the food served comes from organic, local farmers. Completely free of preservatives, processed and refined foods.

Everything is made from fresh and whole ingredients; vegetables, fruits, seeds, beans, grains and soy products.

You can never go wrong here, order anything from the menu, it’s all delicious, healthy, and as they say “clean and pure.”

RFD is also environmentally conscious, they use biodegradable containers, they are part of a local composting program and certified as a green business!

My favorite item on the menu is the Real Food Plate, it’s a complete meal with brown rice, beans, vegetables, salad and a fresh homemade dressing, delicious!

Check out the menu here

They have 2 locations West Hollywood and Santa Monica

If you haven’t been to RFD check it out!

It is definitely one of the best restaurants in LA!