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Did you know?… About Plant Protein

1 Mar

Did you know that plant protein is as good as animal protein?

The big difference is that plant protein has fiber and phytonutrients and animal protein does not.

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. We are able to produce 11 out of 20 of them, the other 9 have to be obtained from our diets. These amino acids are abundant in:

  • Soybeans
  • Spinach
  • Broccoli
  • Lentils
  • Quinoa
  • Beans
  • Sea Vegetables
Remember plant protein is as good as animal protein but contains no saturated fat and lot’s of fiber that can help you lose the extra weight.
Eat healthy, be happy!

Real Food Daily

9 Feb


This restaurant is like a healing food center!

It’s fantastic, 90 percent of the food served comes from organic, local farmers. Completely free of preservatives, processed and refined foods.

Everything is made from fresh and whole ingredients; vegetables, fruits, seeds, beans, grains and soy products.

You can never go wrong here, order anything from the menu, it’s all delicious, healthy, and as they say “clean and pure.”

RFD is also environmentally conscious, they use biodegradable containers, they are part of a local composting program and certified as a green business!

My favorite item on the menu is the Real Food Plate, it’s a complete meal with brown rice, beans, vegetables, salad and a fresh homemade dressing, delicious!

Check out the menu here

They have 2 locations West Hollywood and Santa Monica

If you haven’t been to RFD check it out!

It is definitely one of the best restaurants in LA!

What is Macrobiotics?

19 Jan

The Macrobiotic diet is more than just a diet, it can be considered a way of life.

This is a very balanced and nutritious diet. It keeps you healthy (studies say if might prevent cancer and other degenerative diseases) and keeps you at your ideal weight.

Macrobiotics include lot’s of grains (50%) and vegetables (30%) which have to be well chewed. Nuts, legumes, beans and miso soup (15%) must also be included. It can be similar to being a vegetarian, but in this case fish is permitted in small quantities (5%).

Foods are consumed in their most natural state. Refined and processed foods, dairy, sugar, alcohol, coffee, meats, eggs and poultry are off the list.

To eat more like a macrobiotic try incorporating all kinds of different grains to your diet: brown rice, barley, buckwheat and sea vegetables like Kombu, Wakame, Noru and Hijiki.

And remember eat healthy, be happy…

M Cafe

13 Jan


M Cafe de Chaya

If you want to go to a super healthy and delicious restaurant, this is definitely the one to go to.

A contemporary macrobiotic restaurant, where almost everything on their menu is organic and everything is fresh, healthy and free of harmful chemicals.

Order anything you want from the menu, I’ve tried almost everything and it’s all delicious! The juices are also great.

In LA they have 2 locations

Beverly Hills and Melrose

If you’re in Mexico City I have to recommend Nick San, I always get the green salad, the grilled vegetables and a side of brown rice. The sashimi are quite nice as well.