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Did You Know? About GM Salmon…

27 Dec



Did you know that the FDA approved genetically modified salmon for human consumption?

This fish is developed by AquaBounty an American company which in my opinion, has no respect for humans or the environment. Can you imagine the damage that can be produced if these fish get into the wild and contaminate all the other fish?

We have seen the damage that all the other GMO have caused; Obesity, diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease. Please say no to GMO, please say no to GM fish, read the labels, ask the government to label these.


And remember… Eat Healthy, Be Happy!

Did You Know? About GM Corn

18 Dec




Did you know that Monsanto’s GM corn is banned in Germany, Greece and Poland because of the damage it causes to the environment and to honeybees?¬†

Hopefully we will create that consciousness here in the US and Mexico and ban Monsanto and GMO’s for good.