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Did you know? About Osteoporosis

14 Jun

A Plant Based Diet Reduces The Risk For Osteoporosis

Studies show that consuming a plant based diet reduces the risk for osteoporosis, on the contrary a diet high in animal products increases the risk for such.

Osteoporosis is characterized by a decrease in bone mass and bone structure deterioration. It is estimated that 10 million Americans have osteoporosis. Women over the age of 50 (or post menopausal) are at increased risk. Osteoporosis is a very important health concern, since it leads to bone fractures and disability.

Over the years we have heard that to increase bone density we have to consume more dairy (due to the high calcium levels dairy contains), but now we know that dairy creates and acidic condition in the blood. The body tries to compensate this acidity by adding a buffer which is calcium and this calcium is extracted from the bones. So bone density is decreased by this constant compensation.

A plant based diet reduces this acidity so calcium stays in the bones and the density remains within healthy levels. Studies on different populations reveal that those consuming the least dairy products have much lower incidence of osteoporosis than those countries where more dairy is consumed.

What is Organic Food?

14 Feb

Organic Fruits and Vegetables

These are the ones grown from seeds which are not genetically modified, in a soil rich in nutrients, without the addition of chemical fertilizers. Crops are not sprayed with synthetic chemicals like pesticides and neither irradiation or gas are used.

There have been some studies which demonstrate that harmful pesticides are stored in greater quantities in people consuming conventional produce, as opposed to those consuming organics.

Organic Livestock

Animals have to be born and raised on organic land and fed organic. They are hormone and drug free. Antibiotics can only be given during an infectious outbreak.

Make sure when buying organic meats, eggs and dairy that they are also free range, this means the animals are not confined, they spend time outdoors.

So is organic better?

Of course it is! Nutrition-wise and also because we are not eating the chemicals, additives, hormones, drugs, pesticides, and genetically modified components. I believe organic is good for the planet as well.

So… give organic food a chance, I am convinced you will never go back.

Eat healthy, be happy!

Dairy… Not so good anymore

3 Jan

All we see in magazines and TV about dairy these days, is that everybody should be consuming it. But some of us have know for a while now that this is not true and finally a reliable source of information is standing up to say the truth.