Matthew Kenney Culinary

11 Feb


I am so exited to spread the word about the best raw food workshop around. M.A.K.E., Matthew Kenney’s Culinary Institute and Restaurant in Santa Monica CA, has weekend workshops where everyone can learn the basics of raw cuisine (there are also more advanced courses if you know the basics). It is a 2 day course in which you learn everything from opening a coconut to making delicious cocoa truffles!

Our instuctor Michael Vincent was great. He took his time to make sure everyone understood what we were doing. The first day we prepared almond milk, a green smoothie, coconut yogurt, buckwheat granola and a kale-chipotle salad and day 2 was seaweed salad, sesame-cashew dumplings, cocoa truffles and ice cream! Yes! Healthy, plant based, delicious ice cream!

Raw food is not about only eating fruits and vegetables, it is a plant based diet, but Matthew Kenney has creative ways of putting ingredients together to produce amazing meals which are flavorful and healthy.

This course is a huge step into a healthier lifestyle. I recommend this course for everyone, even if you’re not into healthy eating, raw food or veganism, this is a course that will change the way you look at food and what you want in your body. 

Here are some photos I took during the workshop:
















Remember… Eat Healthy, Be Happy!


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