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Did You Know? About Diet Soda…

17 Jan


Did you know that drinking diet soda has been linked to depression?

A study found that people who drink 4 or more cans of soda per day, are 30% more likely to develop depression, than those who don’t drink soda at all. It also discovered that people who drink coffee are 10% less likely to develop depression than those who don’t drink coffee at all.
This is another reason not to drink soda… They make you fat, sick and sad!
Remember… Eat Healthy, Be Happy!

I Wanna Banana Manna

8 Jan

banana manna

Yes, I’m obsessed! At the Beverly Hills Juice, you pick your favorite fresh, cold pressed juice and then blend it into a delicious creamy (vegan) smoothie by adding a mix of bananas with almonds, cacao or sunflower seeds.

My absolute favorite Apple-Persimmon-Coconut, Almond Banana Manna. It’s also great with the Mixed Greens and the Apple-Ginger (if you like to try edgy new flavors).

If you haven’t been there you are missing out on the best smoothies in town! And believe me, I’ve tried them all!

Remember… Eat Healthy, Be Happy!